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Choose your pricing plan

  • Exclusive Event Pass

    Every month
    Unlimited access to all events and gatherings
    • Unlimited events and gatherings
  • L12 Mon-Thurs

    Every month
    $50 4 hour booking
    Valid for 18 months
    • This plan includes unlimited access 4 days a week.
  • L12 Mon-Thurs

    Every month
    Valid for 18 months
    • This plan limits you to 3 days and 1 slot a week per month.
    • Beverages and Snacks
    • WiFi
    • Green Room Access (TV, Vanity, Office Space)
    • (3) Business partners. (5-10) registered guests
  • Players Pack

    Every month
    An exclusive game night membership
    Valid for 12 months
    • Weekly Game Nights
    • Access to all events and parties
    • Access to exclusive Sport/Fight Nights experiences
    • Meals and Drinks Provided by Private Chef
    • Game Night Benefits
  • Meal Prep

    Every week
    Looking for affordable farm to table meals?We got them!
    • 10 Meals for work your week! Customisable to your taste
    • No additional Service fees for all!
    • Interchanging Menus that you enjoy!
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